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Bible Study and Discussion

BIBLE STUDY 2018 start date is Tuesday September 18th - mark your calendar!

7:15 pm to 9:00 pm. All are welcome - no registration required!

Our All Saints Bible Study and Discussion Group meets on Tuesdays every week from 7:15 to 9pm in the church wing—starting September 18. Leo Lazaris leads our group and Fr. Haridimos oversees and offers spiritual guidance. We read and discuss the scriptures in an easy-going way, host topical and multimedia presentations, and welcome lessons on the history and tradition of our faith.  We enjoy time together and have potluck parties throughout the year.
This year, we turn our attention to the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament, to the book of the Holy Prophet Daniel (618 to 534 BC). Daniel lived most of his life as an exile in Babylon after he was deported from Israel as a captive when King Nebuchadnezzar conquered Jerusalem in 605 BC. He became a faithful government servant for more than 70 years. He eventually rose to become one of only three administrators over the provincial governors of the kingdom of Babylon.
Though Daniel was occupied with administration, he knew how not to mix the affairs of state with his prophetic spiritual work. God granted him wisdom and grace as he served during the times of the kingdoms of Babylon, Medes, and Persia. Being faithful to the kings, he remained faithful to God. He did not eat from the delicacies offered to idols, and rejected worshipping idols, and did not refrain from praying to God – in defiance of a royal ban. In a hostile pagan world, Daniel and his three friends kept the faith. Can we do the same?
While interpreting the dream of King Nebuchadnezzar, the holy, glorious Prophet Daniel spoke of a great and final kingdom, the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ. He wrote that Christ – the Messiah – would be the Stone (not cut by human hands) which would strike the statue (of iron, clay, bronze, silver and gold – representing the kingdoms of the earth), and would break it into pieces and become a mountain filling all the earth (Daniel 2:35), of which Whose Kingdom would stand forever (Daniel 2:44).
King Nebuchadnezzar goes on to say to Daniel “I know that the Spirit of the Holy God is in you, and no secret troubles you...” (Daniel 4:9) Our Lord Jesus Christ called him “Daniel the prophet” (St. Matthew 24:15). 
The book of Daniel is the only book in the Old Testament which prophesied in detail about kings and kingdoms, declaring them by name (e.g., Persia and Greece). His book was, and is, the most studied and read book of the Old Testament by the Christian Church.
Here are some phrases we use today that were first mentioned in the book of Daniel:
"Feet of Clay", "The Writing on the Wall", "Faith in the Furnace", "Daniel in the Lions’ Den".
The All Saints Bible Study Group uses THE ORTHODOX STUDY BIBLE, Conciliar Press.
Here are some of the questions and issues we will be covering, examining current affairs and cultural developments and our personal spiritual growth:
What is our cultural identity? Is it our role to promote good values politically or to sidestep the system?
What government is best suited for humankind?—Do religion and politics mix?
When are we tempted to compromise our faith?
How does science relate to faith?
How do we respond to the many challenges we regularly face?
What do we need to do to grow spiritually?
What are the benefits of worship and the sacramental life?
When and how often should we pray?  
Where can we be of service? How can we know our purpose? 

How do we gain confidence in our relationships with God and everyone around us?
How should Orthodox Christians respond when culture clashes with Church and Bible teaching?  
What should we think of modern films and the entertainment industry, and the thousands of networks and websites begging and competing for our attention and subscription?  
Additional (Optional) Resources: ●A Song in the Furnace: The Message of the Book of Daniel by Fr. Lawrence Farley; ●Ancient Faith Radio podcasts onDaniel by Presvytera Dr. Jeannie Constantinou; ●Taming Lions: The Life and Prophecy of the Holy and Righteous Daniel lecture series by Fr. Josiah Trenham; ●Improbable Planet by Hugh Ross (Science); ●The Benedict Option by Rod Dreher (Society); and, ●Strengthen Your Soul by Fr. Andreas Konanos (Christian Living).

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Prayer Services

Every Tuesday we start off with a Small Compline Reader's Service in the Church. You can download and print your own copy here.

Spiritual Talks

On March 21st, 2017 Metamorphosis Orthodox Study Group (English Session) hosted a spiritually enlightening evening discussion.

"A Conversation with Fr. Christodoulos" with guest speaker V. Rev. Fr. Christodoulos Papadeas

Below is a recording of the event:

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