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Bible Study for May 9th, 2019


Our Bible Study and Discussion Group will continue this Tuesday, starting at 7:15 pm in the Church wing.

We will read through Acts Chapter 13, which marks a turning point in the narrative. The first 12 chapters focus on St. Peter; the remaining chapters revolve around St. Paul. With St. Peter, the emphasis is the Church in Jerusalem and Judea. With St. Paul; the focus is the spread of the entire Church throughout the Roman world.

In Chapter 13, Saints Paul and Barnabas journey to Pisidian Antioch in Asia Minor. There, the Christian kerygma proclaimed by St. Paul in the synagogue is favourably received. Some Jews and “God-fearers” become interested and invite the missionaries to speak again on the following Sabbath.

Come join our Bible Study and Discussion and see what happened next. Is the Good News of Christ favourably received today?

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